64-_var_her_1835676aThe bank on this blog was once robbed. In full daylight! The way it was done, was that the bank itself commissioned a piece of art from a famous artist. The artist created the ugliest smiley face you can imagine, and stuffed it all over the facade of this under normal circumstances beautiful building. I doubt he spent more than a couple of hours creating his “art”. Then he sent his invoice for ~200.000NOK.

The reason why this was a genius robbery, was because the bank director himself can never report it to the police. Because if he does, he’ll be doomed into walking this Earth as the biggest fool that ever lived. Therefor he is doomed to “justify” his purchase, by explaining it as “art”. Of course, in his Heart, he knows with every single fiber in his body that he was robbed. Ripped clean to the bone. Taken for a ride. Stolen from! In plain sight! In such a way that every single human being who saw the “art” knows he was ripped off! But he can never report it as what it was; A Bank Robbery in Plain Sight!

I guess there is some kind of weird “justice” in that fact …

But then again, I am Satan … 😉