Mark-ROTHKO-04Art people are unbelievably funny! 😀

Some art professionals spend their entire life validating the authenticity of art works, to make sure that no “fake replicas” are being sold as “the real thing”. At the same time, they are completely helpless against the greatest thieves and scam-artists out there; The Real Artists! Look at the painting in the top-right corner of this blog. Is this piece of “fancy toilet paper” really worth 50 million dollars …?

Fact is, that the greatest scam-artists, thieves, and swindlers in the art-business, are some of the most famous and precious artists themselves! 😀

This is why they can never be held accountable for their scams. Because they can sell “fancy toilet paper” for millions of dollars, making stupid rich people believe it’s worth it! 😀

The whole trick is built around the “Bigger Fools Theory”, which allows one idiot to buy a piece of crap, realizing it is a piece of crap, since he knows for sure that there will always be an even bigger idiot behind him, willing to buy the same piece of crap for twice the price, 10-20 years down the road.

If the above painting is worth 50 million dollars, does this mean that if I legally change my name to “Mark Rothko” and create a painting of a “blue line on yellow”, I could sell it for 20 million dollars…?

If you want to see *real* art, then all you’ve got to do, is to visit a street artist in any of the great cities on this planet, where you can find *real* art, actually worth something. The above painting is actually worthless. In fact, a monkey with a paintbrush would be able to create something having more actual value than most of the shit created by Mark Rothko … 😀

Sorry, I am just another messenger … 😉