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Author / Foo Bar

The Story of how the Asshole became the Boss

“It was just after the Garden of Eden, when the different parts of the body had to decide upon who were supposed to be the Boss. The different contestants were the arms, the legs, the stomach, the brain, and … … the Asshole! First the brain spoke, and said; ‘I should be the boss, because I […]

Unless you have it on Video, it is probably a Lie!!

Q; “How do you find out if a person lied or told you the Truth?” A; “I ask myself if the person opened his or her mouth and said something, alternatively, did the person write something. If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then it was probably a Lie!” Everybody lies! I’ve seen the security […]

Den 16. Mai, 2015, klokken 13:30 gjenåpner jeg Niceland

Edit; Dette er avlyst, siden Ingunn Sigurdsdatter har mer lyst til å saksøke Paven, og erklære Norge for oppløst. Men takk for all støtte 🙂 Og alle som ønsker, er Hjertelig Velkommen til å være med 🙂 Den 16. Mai, 2015, klokken 13:30, vil jeg gjenåpne Niceland, og omregulere det til et “Tverrkristelig Kultursenter for Barn […]

Let there be Light!!

“And as the Mahdi folded the 7th Universe, into the 8th, an explosion of Light was seen, that destroyed all false Prophets, killed all Men on the Planet, for then to resurrect them, such that they could meet the Will of Allah! For such where the Powers of the Mahdi, that no man, living nor […]

I Need a Hero!!

I don’t think this one requires any explanation, but there’s no way you’ll ever understand me, unless you listen to my videos! And I mean LISTEN!!!!

Sex, Lies and Videotapes

If you’re a working girl, you’ve probably heard this Lie many times; “I Love You! I Will Love you Forever!” Since I am the Prince of Lies, Satan in the Flesh, I have the Powers to make Lies come True! 😀 Whenever you’re screwing someone, or to use a better language; “healing a patient”, make sure you […]

Sell me your Soul, and I’ll give you Paradise

Howdy, I am the Satan, and I want your Soul. However, just relax, I am really the good guy 😀 You see, I have repented all of my sins, and Jesus has forgiven me! And I am now in Heaven, having realized how Allah is the only God that Exist, and my Brother from another Mother has realized that […]

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