Dome-Cameras-Security-Camera-2MCCTV-2M-D1700NQ; “How do you find out if a person lied or told you the Truth?”

A; “I ask myself if the person opened his or her mouth and said something, alternatively, did the person write something. If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then it was probably a Lie!”

Everybody lies! I’ve seen the security adviser to Jens Stoltenberg lie. I’ve seen my best friends lie, all of them! I’ve seen the district attorney lie! I’ve seen the President of the USA lie in fact! Fact is, EVERYBODY LIES!!

It is not necessarily because they “want” to lie, it may be because they’ve been shown false proof, and hence are repeating a lie they’ve heard themselves. It may be because they don’t accurately remember the Truth! There are hundreds of reasons why people lie in fact! And they’re not all “evil” either!

To understand why, you must realize that the Human Brain is not in fact created to accurately remember the past, but rather to protect its owner from the future! Hence, the Human Brain is the device in this Universe, which is the least capable of remembering the Past! Documents can be forged, testimonials can be fabricated, and the past can be forgotten!

The fix for this, is to allow the “One Eyed Odin” become your witness and Truth, and record things using your camera on your iPhone or SmartPhone, for such to let “Odin” become your witness!

Don’t believe me? Then see for yourself 😉