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Category / art

Let there be Light!!

“And as the Mahdi folded the 7th Universe, into the 8th, an explosion of Light was seen, that destroyed all false Prophets, killed all Men on the Planet, for then to resurrect them, such that they could meet the Will of Allah! For such where the Powers of the Mahdi, that no man, living nor […]

The most Beautiful Bank Robbery in History of Man

The bank on this blog was once robbed. In full daylight! The way it was done, was that the bank itself commissioned a piece of art from a famous artist. The artist created the ugliest smiley face you can imagine, and stuffed it all over the facade of this under normal circumstances beautiful building. I doubt he spent more than […]

Good artist steal, Great Artist Steal with Pride

Art people are unbelievably funny! 😀 Some art professionals spend their entire life validating the authenticity of art works, to make sure that no “fake replicas” are being sold as “the real thing”. At the same time, they are completely helpless against the greatest thieves and scam-artists out there; The Real Artists! Look at the painting […]

How the Moon fell in Love with the Sun

When Allah first created our Heavenly bodies, the Sun was sad, because it had no one to shine for. So Allah in his great Compassion, took one of the ribs from Jannah, and created the Moon. Then he let the Sun shine during the day, to keep predators away, while he let the Moon shine during the night, such […]

Let Him without Sin cast the First Stone!!

WARNING; “Let Him without Sin cast the First Stone! And though shall Clearly See with your own Eyes, that my stone is bigger than that stone which was given to You! For into my hands, descended the capstone! The One Stone to Finish, that which was started 7.777 years ago! And I will Throw it, where it […]

I will Shit on your Face for $19.000 per hour!!

As a part of my Art project “The Path to Paradise”, I am for a limited time offering personalized insults, where I will take a barf on your face, and insult you in the most extreme and unimaginable ways you can possibly imagine This will be a personal insult, signed and performed by me personally, and […]

Virgin Birth for Sale!!

Today you can buy everything! According to modern mass media, you can even buy Fame, Fortune and Happiness! Since I want to be a law abiding citizen, and help the development of the commercialization of society, I thought I’d peak it with my own invention and product; Virgin Birth! If you send me an email, then I […]

A True story about Art, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali used to hang out at the same restaurant in New York. Andy once brought one of his Art pieces to Dali, and wanted to present it as a gift to his friend. Dali immediately unzipped his pants, and pissed on Andy’s art. At which point Andy broke out in absolute […]

Salvador Dali, Recursive Absurdity

Meet Salvador Dali, self proclaimed genius and artist. Dali became the very definition of Surrealism during the 20th century, for his thought provoking art! Who’s intentions according to himself, was to be the very definition of absurdity Dali created his own religious beliefs, founded in that he was the recursive reincarnation of his elder brother, who died […]