getting-starteddBelow is a video where I explain how to get started with phosphorus.five development. The first thing you’ll need to do, is to download phosphorus.five. Then you might want to download system42. System42 is not a requirement for developing with phosphorus.five, it does however provide you with an easy initial starting ground, since you can then utilize the “pf.lambda executor”, and the “ editor”, which are nice entry pathways to getting started with phosphorus.five.

When you have done the above steps, you should probably watch this video;

When you have watched the above video, you can check out the documentation for Phosphorus.Five.

The code I am using in the above video, is given below for reference purposes. If you want to completely bypass System42, and create your own website, entirely from scratch, you can save this first piece of code, as a file with the name of “startup.hl” in your “phosphorus.application-pool” folder.

 * Save this file as "startup.hl"

Then save the next piece of code as “hello.hl” inside the same folder.

 * Save this file as "hello.hl"
  class:span-24 prepend-top info
  innerValue:Click me!!
      innerValue:Hello World

Then make sure you change the “application-startup-file” setting in your web.config, to point to “startup.hl”. When you have done, then every time you refresh your page, phosphorus.five will show in your browser, whatever you choose to create in your “hello.hl” file. This allows you to play around with web widgets, ajax and pf.lambda, completely from scratch, without having to tamper with System42.

Coupling Phosphorus with System42

Alternatively, you can use system42, as I show you an example of in the above video. If you do, then make sure you rename the name of your system42 folder, such that its name is only “system42”, before you  paste the system42 folder into your “phosphorus.application-pool” folder, inside of phosphorus.five. Then make sure you change your web.config “application-startup-file”, such that it points to your “system42/application-startup.hl” file.

Pre-requisites for developing using Phosphorus.five

For the record, if you’re on Linux, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got Mono, XSP 4.0 and Mono Develop installed. If you’re on Windows or Mac OSX, you can alternatively use Xamarin or Visual Studio (Windows only).

When you are ready for teaching yourself some details about Phosphorus.Five, you might want to check out this playlist at YouTube.