pyramidLook at the image in this blog, and tell me what it is a picture of. Did you know that the word “pyramid” is a synonym for a Ponzi Scheme? You see, the way money is created, at its Heart is a Ponzi Scheme. And the same way Art people can never convict the biggest scam-artists on the planet for theft, the Secret Service can never convict the biggest counterfeiters on the planet.

Few people knows this, but the Secret Service actually has two tasks. One of their task is to protect the life of the President of USA. The other task is to make sure no counterfeit money is being circulated into the system. Their dilemma is that the largest counterfeiters can never be stopped. Because their name is Federal Exchange! The Federal Exchange is actually the biggest counterfeiter on the planet, because when they need more money, they can just start the printing press, and create more money, out of thin air!

The way the Federal Exchange get away with this, is by fooling all the idiots on the planet to believe in that their money has value. When everyone have bought into the lie, they can swindle the entire world! This way they can use their “fancy toilet paper” to purchase everything that’s of real value, from a bunch of suckers who are more than willing to give away everything they own, for a piece of paper.

This way, the Federal Exchange is robbing the entire World, in full daylight, while they can never be convicted of any crimes. Besides, once their little Ponzi Scheme is revealed to the World, they can just tell the World the Truth, which is that “we tried to tell you, it’s not our fault that you didn’t see it for what it was!” And in a weird way, that is true, because to maximize the insult, they put a pyramid on the money themselves, and such put the Truth “in your face”, and still you didn’t see it.

If you wish to rob the World, you must first tell people a lie, so big, and so epic in size, that it becomes impossible to not believe in. This way, you steal the Hearts and Soul of men, and once you’ve got their Soul, you’ve got everything …

But don’t believe me, I couldn’t care less, besides I am a Liar, right …? 😀