BuckeyeButterfly04I was just asked by The Indian Reverted Muslimah a question, and the question was; “What does it mean when you say that this is the Truth, the Half Truth and nothing but the Truth, except for One Lie?” I tried to answer as best I could. However, I realized my answer required a longer answer, so I decided I’d create this blog post to try to clarify.

As incredible as it may sound, the Story of my Life is actually true. Slightly dramatized some would argue, but still for the most parts true. There is however One Lie within my Story, and this Lie I am doomed to never repent. If I repent it, many people will be hurt, and risk Judgment for their sins.

Since I do not want to be my Brother’s Judge, which I consider to be a greater sin than to tell one Lie, I am therefor doomed to never admit which is the Lie, and which are the Truths of my Story.

The paradox though is, that even though I have confessed lying, this still makes me more Truthful than most, since in the end, everybody Lies. Some people even lie without realizing they lie, by retelling stories they’ve heard, which they believe to be true. Others lie because they do not remember accurately the Truth. And some lie because they’re liars.

I do not like to Lie, i despise lies in fact. However, we live in an imperfect World, where Lies are sometimes necessary to protect both the guilty and the innocent. One of my favorite stories in these matters, is the Story of how Krishna was saved by the River Snake at Birth.

The most Beautiful animal in the World is the Butterfly, still, as the Butterfly spreads its Wings, and takes to the Sky, it tells a Lie. It tries to make predators believe that it is a dangerous predator itself, and this Lie paradoxically saves the Beautiful Butterfly from Harm, and gives Wings to the Beautiful Truth the Butterfly is symbolizing.

The same can be said about “half the Truth”. Sometimes the whole Truth is cruel and terrible, and can cause pain to others. A great example of this, is the Hijab itself in fact. Because the Hijab only tells half the Truth. It tells how there is a woman beneath it, but it doesn’t tell how the Woman looks like. This way, the half Truth protects innocent and Beautiful Angels from the perversions of evil men.

The image at the top right corner of this blog is a “lie”. It is an image of a Beautiful Butterfly in fact, but it looks like the eyes of a dangerous and venomous spider to predators. This way the lie of the Butterfly protects it from harm.

Since I do not have the Heart to become the Judge my fellow man, I too have told One Lie! And such protect my fellow brothers, and sisters, beneath my Web of Lies!

And that is the spiritual meaning of; “This is the Truth, the Half Truth and Nothing but the Truth, except for One Lie!” – But which is my Lie, you can never know unfortunately! Besides, I don’t think you’d want to know to be honest with you …

And paradoxically, that is my Gift to You, NOT telling you 🙂