testigo-iraquiDid you realize that I have empirical evidence that it is legal to lie to our governments? However, don’t take my words for it. Instead, realize that the man in the image to the right of this text, was the man who started the Iraqi war, responsible for killing millions, and that he lied to the CIA to succeed, and more importantly, that he is a FREE MAN!

While this man walks around as a Free Man, the man who STOPPED the Iraqi war was put to 35 years of jail, because of “espionage”, for telling the Truth! So while Bradley Manning (Chelsea?) was put into a hole to rot, because of stopping the Iraqi wars by telling the Truth, the man who started the Iraqi war, over a Lie, is walking the streets, celebrated like some sort of twisted fucked up “hero”.

Bradley_Manning_US_ArmyI too happen to have empirical evidence of that it is OK to lie to our governments. In case you don’t believe me, then realize that I am not a Homosexual, still I lied to my police detective for more than an hour, claiming I was one, to explain my YouTube video. I was never convicted for lying, even though it was a police interrogation. In addition, I told the judge during my trial that “Jesus was watching him”, as I pointed to a surveillance camera in the ceiling, and I was never convicted of disrespecting the court. In addition, I lied to the Secret Service, and I was never convicted for that.

However, every time I’ve told my government the Truth, I’ve ended up in serious trouble! So the lessons learned, is that it is OK to lie to your government, but if you tell them the Truth, then you’re in trouble.

I would therefor like to encourage everyone in this World to Lie to your governments, as much as you can. This will ensure your personal happiness, and you can use it for all sorts of personal gains. One of my favorites is tax-evasion, and such prevent subsidizing evil regimes, such as the Norwegian regime, or the US regime, by significantly reducing your incomes, one way or another. It doesn’t appear to be illegal, according to my experiences.

In fact, I once created a YouTube video which I named “I want to kill President Barack Obama”, and when Secret Service officer Keith Jensen interrogated me about this video, I told him I lied, at which point he laughed his ass out, and told me to “not repeat that lie again”, before he let me go. In case you don’t believe me, feel free to read for yourselves here, or call Keith Jensen, and verify my statement. I’ve included his phone number below …

And that is the Truth the Half Truth and Nothing but the Truth, except for one lie, so help me God! 😀