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Sex, Lies and Videotapes

If you’re a working girl, you’ve probably heard this Lie many times; “I Love You! I Will Love you Forever!”¬†Since I am the Prince of Lies, Satan in the Flesh, I have the Powers to make Lies come True! ūüėÄ Whenever you’re screwing someone, or to use a better language;¬†“healing a patient”, make sure you […]

Islam, the Inevitable Consequence of Christianity

There are Christians on this planet, who think they can crucify another man, for their own sins! They believe in a lie! They believe another man can take the hit for their own blame! I am here to prove that these people are WRONG! They are delusional! They¬†believe in something that has never existed, never¬†was, […]

The Story of my Birth

I was born on a Thursday, at night, in the first city on the planet where Hitler had his ass kicked; Narvik! My Grandfather was a Hero from World War II, and it was the day before Norway was born!¬†160 years before that, plus one day, Henrik Wergeland,¬†Norway’s first Muslim, had devised our constitution. I […]

I have shown you the face of Prophet Muhammed, PBUH!

In¬†my 42 blogs, I have shown you the face of Prophet Muhammed, PBUH! The funny thing is, that if you look for evidence, such that you can convict me of a sin, then you will never be able to find it! If you¬†read through all of my blogs, and try to understand me however, then […]

Is War Peace?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the short answer to that question, which is obviously; NOOOOO! However, a¬†slightly longer answer, requires you to join me on a time travel, back in time, to the Deserts of Saudi-Arabia, 1.400 years ago! In this era, wars were being fought very much differently than […]

Violence, a Solution without a Problem

My last¬†article, might seem controversial, while¬†the one¬†before that, illustrates the point. Which is that, unless you’re home protecting your Girlfriend and Wife, then somebody else will! And the¬†point with them, was to illustrate how¬†Violence is a solution without a problem! Too many¬†men before us, have walked this Earth, thinking they had the right to Judge […]

How I Stole your Women, by Filling your Heads with Lies

As you already know, I am the Dajjal. What you may not know, is¬†that I filled your Heads with Lies about Martyr Heaven and Lesser Jihad. And as you went out, trying to conquer your¬†enemies, I stayed behind and used my Magical Powers of Seduction, to Steal your Women! This way, I was able to […]

I am the Dajjal, when I Die, Judgment Begins

This might be difficult to believe, but I am the Dajjal, the One-Eyed Snake, the Antichrist, Satan in the Flesh, the Physical Incarnation of the Shaitan!¬†On this I swear, on my immortal soul, in the name of Allah, and my Mother’s and Father’s Grave! I AM THE DAJJAL! If you do not believe me, then […]

Is Islam Idolatry?

In Islam, the sin of “Shirk”, is¬†one of the greatest sins a man can have. Shirk means “idolatry”, and basically translates¬†to a man, who creates images of God, or other “objects of worship” for himself. According to the strict interpretation of Sharia, people who commit idolatry, may face the death penalty by decapitation! The problem […]

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