anonymous-headlessThe Story of my life, has a Judas. This man was responsible for having me arrested in Norway, possibly in the US too. He drove me away from everything I had in my life that was good. He stole between 3 and 13 million NOK from me, depending upon how you do the math, by double-speaking to his friends. He took everything away from me that was precious in my life.

I know approximately 100 different ways that I could have this man arrested, destroyed, isolated and even murdered, without breaking as much as one single law. And God knows I have motives and reasons for doing so. When I was in prison in Norway, I saw, with my own eyes, how he was responsible for making sure I had to spend most of my 6 months in jail in Solitary Confinement. When I was arrested by the Norwegian Police, I saw with my own eyes how he was responsible for filling their heads with lies, such that I would become arrested, and tried committed into a psychiatric ward against my will. 5 times the Police arrested me, and tried to commit me to a psyche-ward because of this man! He was the primary witness against me in my lawsuit, where I was charged for being a “bomb terrorist” on, for the most parts, fabricated evidence. I know for a fact that this man is best buddies with all the media moguls where I live, which probably explains why Norwegian Media has written hundreds of articles about me, outing me as something I am not. Few men has greater motives on this planet to take revenge over his nemesis than I do.

However, I won’t! What I will do however, is to disarm him and undress him, in front of the Whole World, by telling how he destroyed me, and explaining his greatest weapons to the World, such that others hopefully not fall for these types of tricks.

The General Story

“Two privates were conscripts in the Dutch army, and as they came into the army, they decided they should never talk badly about each other, but only say positive things about the other, when asked about the other. Later, these two privates, became the youngest ever Generals in the Dutch Army”

The above Story was told to me by “Mr. Nobody”. This Story is the primary reasons why he is so dangerous. Because, since he never talks badly about anyone (apparently) he acquires everyone’s trust, because everyone thinks he is something which he is not. This way, he is able to live two lives. One “public life”, where he only brags about others, and another life, which he lives in the shadows, where he uses the friendships he acquires through living the above Story, to have the ones he dislikes crucified. In addition, he is a “good Christian”, and able to use this lie to acquire everybody’s trust.

I am almost certain about that as he had me crucified, he used double-speak to explain to the police that “I needed help”, and “poor me”, and “I do not wish for any harm to happen to him”, and “I only want to help him”, while his actual motives he conveyed to me the 23rd of December, 2008, which was; “I will destroy the rest of your life”. That is a direct quote btw, and certainly, he did, no doubts!

This way, Mr. Nobody was able to have me and my life completely destroyed, publicly crucified, in front of the entire World, ranging from the Secret Service to the NSA and CIA, to my friends and Loved ones where I live. This way, I became the target of all the rage he had accumulated by (apparently) never talking badly about anyone.

I actually perceived this person as a father figure, and went to him for advice, both in personal matters, and business matters. While he back stabbed me, stole everything I owned, took me to court twice on false charges, had my name destroyed in the media, taken to prison for other people’s crimes, stole everything I owned, and so on.

However, even though I easily could get revenge, and have him destroyed, arrested, and even murdered if I wish, without breaking the law. And although I have tried to commit, and to some extent done, some of the single largest acts of blasphemy ever performed on this planet. And although I have used bad language against practically every single person on this planet above me in the food chain, I still don’t have the Heart to give Mr. Nobody what he deserves, which is to have his life destroyed, as he destroyed mine. Not because I do not want to, God knows, but because I do not wish to associate with his means, and I do not wish to become like him.

That’s why his name on this blog, forever shall be; Mr. Nobody!

Goodbye Mr. Nobody, and *plonk*!