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Category / lying

Sex, Lies and Videotapes

If you’re a working girl, you’ve probably heard this Lie many times; “I Love You! I Will Love you Forever!” Since I am the Prince of Lies, Satan in the Flesh, I have the Powers to make Lies come True! 😀 Whenever you’re screwing someone, or to use a better language; “healing a patient”, make sure you […]

Good artist steal, Great Artist Steal with Pride

Art people are unbelievably funny! 😀 Some art professionals spend their entire life validating the authenticity of art works, to make sure that no “fake replicas” are being sold as “the real thing”. At the same time, they are completely helpless against the greatest thieves and scam-artists out there; The Real Artists! Look at the painting […]

How your Mother teaches you to Lie

Disclaimer; First of all, Sorry Moms! I don’t mean to offend you, and in fact, if you read everything here, I think you’ll see that I am not offending you in fact … 😉 My primary example of how the Lie shall save you, is the stories told by our Moms. For instance, when you […]

Lying through Silence

One of my favorite lies, is the one that’s never told. Imagine our previous conversation for instance, and then imagine the “receiving party” was bold enough to ask the question; “Was the software project you’re talking about one of Acme, Inc.’s projects?” Unless you’re prepared for this moment, then your lie might completely collapse, by your body […]

Half the Truth is my Favorite Lie

Half Truths are the best kind of lies that exists, because they’re impossible to prove wrong, and when anyone tries to defend themselves against them, by explaining them, they’re basically admitting how the original half-truth is true! Once, during my first lawsuit, Mr. Nobody delivered half a contract! I swear! As funny as it may seem, […]

Lying makes you Rich

I once used to work for this guy. He used to sell software, in the million dollar range. The way he did it, was by spending a day or two creating a PowerPoint presentation, which would look like a piece of software. He would create buttons, a nice design, and compose everything together, such that it […]