sex-lies-videotapesIf you’re a working girl, you’ve probably heard this Lie many times; “I Love You! I Will Love you Forever!” Since I am the Prince of Lies, Satan in the Flesh, I have the Powers to make Lies come True! 😀

Whenever you’re screwing someone, or to use a better language; “healing a patient”, make sure you get it on video! Especially if it’s some rich corrupt asshole, such as a politician for instance! Then when you have it on tape, upload your video to YouTube as an “unlisted” video (important!)

This will actually ensure that your man Loves you Forever! 😀

However, to have an additional level of security, and insurance, it is important that you send the link to this unlisted YouTube video to at least two friends you trust, and that you never tell your “patient” who your witnesses are! This way, if you should somehow be the victim of an “accident”, your witnesses will make sure your asshole fries in Hell, since they can tell Jesus about his relationships. And Thomas told us that “Everyone is Jesus”, just see for yourself 😀

And when your “patient” goes to hell, for having thrown the first stone, he will see for himself how men who hurt Women are treated in Prison (hint; it is not nice, and it includes involuntary Sodomization 😉 )

This way, when your “patient” grows tired of you, and starts looking for a new “toy”, you can just remind of of the promise he once gave, tell him that you’ve found Jesus, and that you feel the need to tell Jesus about your Sins … 😀

usa-freeJust make sure you never actually “extort” your patient, since this is against the law. However, asking him to support a Church of your Choice, to repent his sins, such as your own, should probably not be a problem … 😀

If you wish, you can also send me a link to your YouTube video. Then, if you should be the victim of an “accident”, I will tell Jesus myself. Just make sure your two witnesses tells me if something should happen to you. My email address is

In fact, I betcha you could become the first Female President of the United Slaves of America using this technique, if you wished 😀

As you send your “patient” an email to remind him of his promise, feel free to also send him the link to this blog. That way, I’ll take the heat for you little Angel … 😉