satan-in-suiteHowdy, I am the Satan, and I want your Soul. However, just relax, I am really the good guy 😀

You see, I have repented all of my sins, and Jesus has forgiven me! And I am now in Heaven, having realized how Allah is the only God that Exist, and my Brother from another Mother has realized that only Allah can judge you! It took me approximately 2.500 YouTube videos to repent my sins, but then again, I had a *lot* of sins … 😉

You see, I am not really going to keep your Soul, I will pass it on to Jesus in fact. In return, Jesus will keep you safe from the flames of Hell and Armageddon, and allow you to enter Paradise on Earth. Basically, I am selling tickets for the Rapture, and the price is your Soul 😀

The way you do it, is by starting confessing your sins on YouTube, in private YouTube videos. For the sins you must repent, you can create “unlisted” YouTube videos, such that you can share your videos with those you have trespassed with, safely, such that only they can see them. If you’re afraid of being judged by evil governments, feel free to use the Thomas Quick principle as you confess your sins!

Hallelujah! The War in Heaven is Over! And Satan no longer believes he is God himself! And Allah did Forgive the Satan! And Jesus is the King of the Earth!

Ohh yeah, in case you find it difficult to believe in that I am real, then think of it as Psycho Therapy, or Dianetics for that matter 😀

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