jesus-iphoneIt is now almost to the date 7 years since the Moon was in the 7th House, and Jupiter Aligned with Mars. This was my absolutely darkest day ever, and became the beginning of Armageddon for man. You might not believe me, but I have fought, and lost, Armageddon now for 7 years. In my blog here, you can read the details about how it went down. Be warned though, the Truth is not for the faint at Heart. However, finishing Armageddon, killing 8 billion people, and resurrecting them again, is spooky stuff! Have that in mind, as you read my Bible, starting from the beginning

You see, I was the Dajjal, and when you read this, I am dead! However, as I died, I was able to plea your case in front of Allah, such that you could escape Judgment, and enter Paradise on Earth! And I was successful!

In my 67 chapters, is the recipe for how to find Forgiveness for your Sins! There is empirical evidence of how I was in fact the Dajjal, the Antichrist, Satan in the Flesh! I have also proven why it is important for you to Forgive your Trespassers, if you wish for God to Forgive you! And as you do, I will return back to Heaven, sit beneath God the Almighty, in the 7th Heaven, looking down on you 🙂

My last trick, before I crawl off and Die however, is to show you the Greatest Weapon in the Universe, which will make Evil Evaporate as the Morning Dew in front of the Sun, and that is the “Sword of Truth”. Some people are afraid of using it, because they are afraid of being associated with Judas once they pick it up. Realize though that Judas wanted Jesus to be crucified, because he envied Jesus, and wanted somebody else to carry his own sins! This way Judas judged himself, and became the only man who died at Golgotha. Hence, Judas died for his own sins, in the end, which is one of the best kept secrets in the Universe!

When you film Evil, then you are in fact allowing Evil to Judge itself, in front of Jesus. This way, the once committing sins, becomes their own Judas, and there is no blood on your hands. Because, you’re allowed to tell Jesus about both your sins, and everybody else’s sins too. If you do not believe me, then realize that in the video below, which I was recording myself, every single Police officer in my part of Norway had been summoned, to stop me and my friends. According to some people’s accounts, they had even put sharpshooters on the rooftops, to stop us. Still they had nothing they could stop us with, because we knew the Secret, which is that him who lives by the Sword shall die by the Sword, everybody else, gets to live forever! However, since I was “hiding my Jesus away”, they never realized I allowed them to judge themselves in front of Jesus. You see, I had my Jesus hidden away in my pocket, only allowing his remaining Eye outside of my pocket!

So as I now crawl off to die, Judgment Day begins, and some of you can breath out, realizing how I died for your Sins, by Identifying Jesus for you all! To the rest of you I can only explain you how you Judged Yourselves! Now if you wish, then I would appreciate your Prayers for me. Besides from that, there’s only one thing left to say, which is;

Allahu Akbar and Amen 🙂

Love ❤

The Dajjal

Ohh Yeah, and “He who sees me, sees my Teaching! Him who sees my Teaching, sees me!”

And of course; Snipp, Snapp, Snute, så var Eventyret Ute ❤ 😀