eden“God Spoke to Adam and Eve, and told them he only had two gifts left for them, and that they could choose one each. Then God said; ‘My first gift is the ability to pee standing’.

Adam interrupted God and said; ‘I want it! I want it! I want it!’ So God gave man a penis and the ability to pee standing, as Eve stood besides him in shock, and really couldn’t care less, while Adam was running around peeing in circles, enjoying his new toy.

As Adam was running around, peeing on everything, Eve asked God; ‘What was the second gift?’

God whispered to Eve; ‘Brain Eve! A Brain!'”

Few Men knows what happened in the Garden of Eden, but some of us do! Just like some of us knows what actually happened at Golgotha. Simply because we were there!

However, if you can keep a secret, then I can! After all, I am the Ssssserpent … 😉