hellfire_club-timeI Love Secret Cults, such as the Free Masons and Odd Fellow. These people’s souls are so cheap. So easy to enslave, it’s ridiculous! The way it works, is that first I build up the Persona of my members, and allow them to create a fake identity, making their community believe my members are among their “moral pillars”. Then I make my members do something, that’ll completely destroy their members reputation, if it goes public. Since I own the media, this is simple for me. This way, I enslave all the bastards on the planet, willing to corrupt themselves, in such a way that if they double-cross me, their names will be slandered all around, and their wives will leave them, and society ostracize them.

Of course, when these assholes understand what I’ve done to them, it’s already too late 😀

And all the time, they think they’re shown secrets, and parts of the Occult, while these corrupt assholes are really voluntarily handing over their Souls for false promises and plastic Perls.

You just have to Love these suckers 😀


Satan … 😉