schrodinger-catFew things on this planet are as powerful as Secrets. You may not believe me, but I know One Word that will Kill You! If you ask me the right question, than I can answer your question with One Word, and you will Die!

This Truth was once conveyed to a Friend of Mine, by her Brother! A short time after her Brother had told her, he died from a Heart Attack. He was 29 years old. Several years afterwards, this girl told me the Secret. Three weeks afterwards, she was in a coma in the Hospital, and almost died.

Our Universe contains Truths so large and so big, that if they ever reach the masses, we risk extermination of all biological Life on the Planet! The particular Truth I am talking about in this blog, has been hidden behind a veil from Men’s Eyes for Thousands of years, and can never be revealed. Some Men got to know by accident, and they ripped out their eyes clean from their eye-sockets! Others grew insane! Others committed suicide! Others again, were killed to protect this Truth! If you want to have my advice, then do not do as I did. I sought the Truth, and I was given Truth!

There is a Gypsy saying that goes like this; “Be careful what you wish for, you might have your wish come through!” And in the end, curiosity killed the cat …

However, if you can keep a Secret, than I can keep One!


The Ssssssnake … 😉