asoka_emperor-7460fBuddhist Monks comes in two flavors, the ones who are so stupid you just have to Love them, and the ones who knows the Truth … 😉

The True enlightened Buddhists however, would sweet talk the emperors, where ever they came, while they offered their services to the people with Powers. When they had acquired the emperor’s trust, the Emperor would allow these monks to be alone with their wives. As the emperor did, the Buddhas would fuck like rabbits, to ensure their own genetic off-spring would inherit the throne. Now of course, the Women would be more than willing, since a True Buddha is a million times as sexy as a horny Emperor! After they had made sure their own child was on the throne, they would only allow castrates to come close to their wives. This way, the Buddha, and his minions, genetically occupied one Kingdom after the other, until all powers for all practical concerns was in the hands of the Buddha, and his descendants.

I freaking LOVE the Buddha! 😀