FreeWill2With some of the stuff I know, you may ask me how I tolerate living. It is really quite simple; I don’t care! There are too many of us anyway, and as long as you do not interfere with God’s greatest gift to mankind, which is Free Will, you are all Free to prune yourselves out of the Tree of Life, anyways you see fit!

This is why I think you should be allowed to inject any poisons you wish, as long as you let everyone exercise their Free Will! In fact, I have only One Rule besides this, which is DO NOT FUCK WITH CHILDREN! Children beneath the age of 19, are under my personal fucking protection! And before they’re 19 years old, they cannot be held accountable for their own actions!

Besides from that, as long as you do not steal people’s Free Will in anyway, I really don’t care …

Do you want to know why?

Because I am the most Unclean! Satan in the Flesh! The Snake from the Garden of Eden! And whatever ways you choose to kill yourselves, is not up to me to Judge! Because I am the only Man who knows, with 100% certainty, that I am not the Judge on Judgment Day! And whatever ways you wish to go, feel free to have a blast in fact …

If you want my piece of advice though, be nice! Because in the end, if you allow yourselves to be tempted into sin, you’ll in the end anyways end up in my place … 😉