Orwell-1984Democracy is so funny, you just have to laugh. A wise man once said; “Him who votes have no power, he who counts the votes have all the power”. George Bush once proved this 😀

The man who said the above quote, was of course as we all know Joseph Stalin. It doesn’t matter who said it however, you’ll find Truth in the weirdest places once you look for it … 😉

You see, democracy was consciously devised to fool man into believing he was Free. This way, the madness of man wouldn’t interfere, with the daily operations of the Devil. Ask yourself one question though, if you think I’m bullshitting you; “Why do we have secret elections? Or to rephrase; Why is it a ‘human right’ to be able to vote, in such a way that it becomes impossible for the common man to verify the results of a Democratic Election” …?

If you want to see the “result” of Democracy, then Google “Niburu”, and then count the results, and compare it to the number of hits you get by Googling “Lunar Landings”. Man want to be deceived, because the Truth hurts! Julius Cecar found out, that as long as you give people Soccer, McDonalds, and the illusion of Freedom, you can steal everything that has actual value from them, with their consent …

Fact is, he who votes have no power, he who counts the votes have all the power!

If you wish to see who’s in control of this world, then watch this video, all the way to the end …

Oaah 😀