the-buddha-snakeDalai Lama translates into “Ocean of Wisdom”. This fact is so funny, I don’t even know how to stop laughing 😀

Fact is, there are probably not one single human being on the planet with less wisdom than His Holiness. To understand why, let me tell you the Story of how the Buddha acquired Enlightenment.

Gautama was sitting beneath a tree, watching Venus rise before the Sun. As he focused on Venus, the Sun broke the Horizon. When he did, he became Enlightened. He became the Buddha. The Latin word for the planet Venus is “Lucifer”.

When Buddha started teaching, he would tell people that he had found a way out of suffering. He would then convert men to live in celibacy. Hundreds, even Millions, and Billions in fact, would follow the Buddha teachings, and chose to live in Celibacy. As they did, they committed Genetic Suicide, AKA; “Nirvana!” 😀

Hence, the Buddha is the man throughout human history, who is responsible for the single largest Genocide, ever performed! And he did it “In their Face!”

The image on the top-right corner of this blog, depicts the Buddha as he was speaking to his disciples for the first time. And the Story goes like this; “As the Buddha started teaching, his disciples could see how the Snake protected him!” 😀

To understand the analogy of the Snake, all you’ve got to do, is to read the first couple of chapters in the Bible … 😉

Believe it or not, but I’ve actually tried to Teach this to His Holiness. This was of course completely useless, and served no point. Because, His Holiness believes he is an “Ocean of Wisdom”, while actually, he is probably the stupidest person alive on the planet today!

Approximately 3.5 billion people knows the Truth about celibacy, and how living in a monastery as a monk, is probably the stupidest thing you can choose to do! Still, His Holiness travels the World, and teaches his “Wisdom”, to all who wants to listen to him. And as he does, he becomes the tip of the Knife, that is responsible for the single largest Genocide, Mass Murder, and Ethnic Cleansing this planet has ever seen!

You just have to Love the poor bastard 😀