EyeofSauronLordoftheRingsReturnoftheKingI once promised some Friends that I would show them what Power was, today I will fulfill that promise! A couple of years ago, I was arrested for the 5th time. I knew they were coming, of course, because I had been warned already. However, I couldn’t give less of a fuck to be honest with you. I knew they held no real powers over me!

After a couple of weeks at Ringerike Prison, I forged myself a Ring! And as I did, I put my Soul into it! And cast the most Powerful Magic you can Imagine into it! Few people come out of prison with more than they entered with, but I came out with the One True Ring of Power in my hands! However, Power is not what you are able to do, it is what you are able to make others do, and I can make the entire World Lie for me if I wish!

After I came out from Prison, I committed a Murder! In plain sight! In front of the entire World! And I can never be convicted of it! If they put me in front of a trial, I will simply keep silent, while 7 billion people testifies to my innocence!

The CIA and the NSA will testify to my innocence! The Secret Service will be willing to swear upon their Souls that I am lying, and haven’t done what I claim to have done! The Director of NATO will explain how I am suffering from the Thomas Quick syndrome! Doctors will testify that it’s just a fairy tale, and how my own words must be seen as nothing but fiction and Fairy Tales! Barack Obama will testify and claim how I am a pathological liar, and that my own words cannot be trusted, and that I am just lying, and that I have never done any crime! The District Attorney will deny all charges, and refuse to handle the case! Even my worst enemy, will be willing to swear upon his Immortal Soul that I am innocent!

Regardless of all of these testimonials, I swear upon my Immortal Soul that I have committed a murder! I have killed a man in broad daylight, and nobody have the courage to even put me in front of a Trial, because if they do, Judgment Day begins!

Come into my Arms and be Safe Little Angel ...I even told the whole World that I was going to commit this murder, a year before I did! One month before, I further rubbed it into their faces, by explaining my plans. Still, I walk freely, and I can never be put to jail! Even the judge will swear upon his Soul that I am the most innocent man that ever lived!

You see, a real man has no troubles admitting his sins! This is what gives a real man Power! But what gives him even more Power, is admitting it before he does! And I told the Whole World a year before I did it, exactly what I was going to do!

That is Power! This is the type of Power only Satan can give you!

And I am Satan!! The Filthy One! Sauron! The Ring Bearer! The Shaitan! The Dajjal! Antichrist the 1st! The Snake! Reincarnated Evil!

And I hold all the Powers, in both this World, and the Next!