b1eea2370742d0013bd7a11bc76fe06eThe absolute best way to convey a lie, is to have someone else tell it! Preferably someone who themselves can somehow benefit from telling it. This way you can tell someone a “rumor”, and have them spread it as the “truth”. This way, the ones telling your lie, will believe it is the Truth, which makes them much more convincing as they tell your lie.

During my lawsuit, the District Attorney had two pieces of evidence, of conflicting nature. One of these pieces he sent to the Security Adviser of the current sitting Director of NATO, the other piece of evidence he put forth to the judge, during my trial. This way, the DA was able to have the security adviser of the Director of NATO tell his Lies! In my face!

And in fact, NATO’s Security Adviser thought he told the Truth, while the DA thought he would be able to “redirect” my anger, and deflect it unto another guy, who was more or less innocent, making me blame someone he knew would fight me if I told the Truth about the Lie.

Before that time, he would have told ever single News Journalist in Norway, how I was a bomb terrorist, by convincingly conveying lies to them, such that they would bring the lie on wards. The News Media publishing houses of course, would sell more toilet paper by buying into this lie. So it kind of made everyone happy, except me of course! This way, I was already judged, before I came to court, and my case was a lost case, before I even sat my foot into the courtroom.

Using these extremely cunning tricks, the DA was able to basically “rape” me, and completely destroy my life, without apparently being a part of my crucifixion himself. Now of course, the DA was best friends with Mr. Nobody, who had delivered software to my local police department for years.

You just have to admire these guys … 😉

The best way to tell a Lie, is to have somebody else tell it for you. This way, the man you lie about, will target his rage in the wrong direction, while you go completely clean yourself! And your Lie will fly more convincingly!

Fucking BRILLIANT! 😀