Truth-LiesWhen I was in jail, I was offered drugs by another inmate. In this particular prison, there were many drug users who were trying to use their stay in prison as a chance to “dry out”. I felt sorry for these guys, and I wanted to do my part to keep them away from temptation, so I told the guards. Two days afterwards I had a razzia in my room.

Police and Prison guards are Amazingly Stupid 😀

A couple of weeks later, believing in Jesus words how the “Truth shall set me Free”, it came to my ears how one of the guards in this prison was smoking weed. I felt this was extremely hypocritical, considering he wore a uniform, and many of the inmates were doing time for the same reasons, so I wrote a letter to the warden, to tell him how he had a corrupt guard in his ranks. This gave me 6 weeks in solitary confinement. When I was put to solitary confinement, the same guard I had told the warden about, was one of the guards taking care of me.

The above two stories should make you realize that it is completely meaningless to tell your government and authorities the Truth!

A friend of me once lost her house, and her entire life was shredded to pieces. When things calmed down, I got evidence of how one of her enemies had told lies to the authorities to have her crucified. Among other things, this asshole had filled out a “snitch form” at the local food authorities website, telling them lies about how she had poisoned him with food. A couple of weeks afterwards, she had a visit from the police.

I once had a quarrel with a colleague of mine. The guy sued me, and lied to the courts, ending up in that the court helped him steal 3-13 million Norwegian Krones from me. Later, he testified under oath, lying, and put me to jail as a “bomb terrorist”, while he had my name completely demolished in the local news. He stole everything I owned, put me to jail, and destroyed my life, by lying.

The above two stories should make you realize how extremely efficient it is to lie to your government. If you lie to them, you can make them take down your enemies, and help you steal from whomever you wish to steal from.

Fact is, my life, summed up, logically concludes with that the World is suffering from a collective “Judas Psychosis”, and it is completely meaningless to convey the Truth to your government.

If you want happiness in your life, richness and success, you’ll come much further by lying to your government, than you will by conveying the Truth. By lying to your government, you can make them do your dirty work, and crucify anyone you wish to have crucified.

So remember Children, Lie all you can to your Government 😀