DO-YOU-WANT-TO-KNOW-A-SECRET-WOB_tOne of my favorite lies, is the one that’s never told. Imagine our previous conversation for instance, and then imagine the “receiving party” was bold enough to ask the question; “Was the software project you’re talking about one of Acme, Inc.’s projects?”

Unless you’re prepared for this moment, then your lie might completely collapse, by your body language, as you stutter “y-y-yes…”

The fix for this is incredible simple though. You simply answer; “No comments”, as you blink your eye. Or something like; “You know I can’t tell you that! I’ve signed confidential agreements”. As you do, you avoid being perceived as a snitch, destroying your reputation, making everyone realize they cannot trust you. This way, you are able to convey a Lie, while the effects of your Lie, is that you become 100 times more trustworthy than you were before, by openly admitting you cannot tell the whole Truth.

By combining “silence” with “half truths” and “lying by association”, you in fact increase your credibility, and others trust you even more than they did from before. This way, the receiving party will feel that you have “conveyed a secret”, while actually you’ve conveyed a Lie, and the end result being that the other party believes you can “keep a secret!”

Basically, for you, this becomes a win, win, win! Where you leave your friend off in a place thinking he can trust you, when the exact opposite is actually true! Which is that you’re the least trustworthy lying son of a bitch Judas that ever freaking lived!

This was a Lesson in Lying from Satan BTW 😀