male-modellI once used to work for this guy. He used to sell software, in the million dollar range. The way he did it, was by spending a day or two creating a PowerPoint presentation, which would look like a piece of software. He would create buttons, a nice design, and compose everything together, such that it looked like it was a finished piece of software. Then he would walk into a sales presentation, and sell it, as if it was already finished. This way he would make his customers sign for million dollar contracts, and pay him, making them believe the software was “already more or less done”.

Fucking BRILLIANT if you ask Me 😀

But then again, I am Satan 😉

Of course, there was no software, and his team of developers were useless, and after 2-5 years, his customers realized they had paid for something that would never be delivered. At this point, it was however too late, because they had invested into his lie, and had to stick with it as if it was the Truth. If they admitted he had lied, their jobs would fall, since then they would show their boss again how they had fallen for a lie, and a cheap hoax. This was life-critical software btw.

Fact is, if you dress nicely, and have nice business cards, you can walk into any board room on the planet, and rip them clean! Rob them to the bone! And if you sweet talk them during the process, they’ll end up believing it was their fault in the end.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it with two words; “Bank Bailouts!”