Dangerous-LiarsLying sincerely is difficult! Therefor, the best way to Lie, is to try to avoid it, but rather play “tricks on the mind” of the receiver. My favorite trick here is “lying by association”. Let me illustrate with an example dialogue, between two friends, where the objective is to smear a company called “Acme, Inc.”;

“Me; How’s job these days

Other; Tired, looking forward to vacation

Me; Yup, I know the feeling. Once I worked on this software project. The thing fell completely apart, and turned into crap. I was longing so badly to a vacation, that I almost quit my job there, where I was working as a consultant.

10 seconds of intentional pause …

Me; BTW, how IS Acme, Inc. these days …?”

Notice how during the above conversation, I was able to let the other party of my dialogue, associate my crappy software project with Acme, Inc. Without ever “snitching” or “outing” them in any ways. Pay particularly notice to the emphasize on IS, which makes the other party think I was talking about Acme, Inc. This way of conveying a lie is one of the best and most efficient lies that exists, because it allows the mind of the receiver to create the lie in his own mind for himself, without you ever having to as much as even lift a finger to make him believe your lie …

And your Lie becomes incredibly credible, without even having to actually Lie … 😉