heaven-beneath-mother-feetDisclaimer; First of all, Sorry Moms! I don’t mean to offend you, and in fact, if you read everything here, I think you’ll see that I am not offending you in fact … 😉

My primary example of how the Lie shall save you, is the stories told by our Moms. For instance, when you were a child, I betcha your Mom would either tell you about Santa Claus, or other Fairy tales, consciously devised to make you a man! For instance, the entire point about Santa Claus, is to help a child do what is morally right to do, at a point in time, when the child has not yet developed the moral spine, necessary to know the difference between right and wrong for himself! 😉

santacrossFor instance, if you and your brother were fighting as kids, your Mom might have told you; “Unless you boys are nice to each other, there won’t be any x-mas gifts from Santa this year!” This ensured that you and your brother didn’t bash each other to death, over some petty quarrel, as you grew up.

In fact, this was what Prophet Muhammed meant, PBUH, when he said that Jannah is beneath a Mother’s feet. Because, as you see through the Lies of this World, it is absolutely necessary that you’re able to forgive, especially your Mother, but also your Father, for lying to you, and see their INTENTIONS, and not the fact of that they Lied to you! This is how Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, was able to become our “Heavenly Father” in fact …

Ohh yeah, Sorry Santa, I had to kill you, can you Forgive me …? 😀