5th-emendmentHalf Truths are the best kind of lies that exists, because they’re impossible to prove wrong, and when anyone tries to defend themselves against them, by explaining them, they’re basically admitting how the original half-truth is true!

Once, during my first lawsuit, Mr. Nobody delivered half a contract! I swear! As funny as it may seem, he delivered half a contract! During my second lawsuit, the DA “lost” my cellphone and “forgot” to call in my two only witnesses. This way, the DA and Mr. Nobody was capable to “mold the Truth”, by making sure only the parts of the Truth they wished to be exposed was revealed. The great thing about a half Truth, is that you can convey it extremely convincingly, since it actually IS the Truth, and hence you believe it yourself. This means that as you tell your half Truth, you will appear extremely convincingly as you do, and nobody will ever doubt you told the Truth! This is because telling a Lie is extremely difficult, but telling Half the Truth is easy!