julian-secretI must ask a favor from you my Friend, this favor is to send this email to Mr. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. I have tried for years to reach them, but I cannot, as you can see for yourself here. You see, besides from Mr. Assange, I am the second most surveillanced man on the Planet, for obvious reasons. I have personally made sure of that in fact. So read my email, and forward it to anyone working at WikiLeaks, or Mr. Assange himself. For that matter, send it to Edward Snowden if you can reach him. Preferably encrypted.

Start of email;

“Hello Mr. Julian Assange,

You do not know who I am, but to make a short story shorter, I am your exact opposite. Where you teach that the Truth shall set us Free, I teach that the Lie shall save us. I am, I guess you might say, the single largest Liar that ever walked the Earth, and where you hack software and hardware, I hack ‘brainware’. Like this, I have been walking the Earth now for three years. I’ve done 84 days at Adelanto Detention Center-East, 5 months at Ringerike Prison in Norway, most of my time in Solitary Confinement and 1 month at ‘varetekt’ in Kragerø and ‘glattcelle’ for this. I have been hiking most of California, as a traveler, and where ever I have gone, I have taught others the Truth, which is that the ‘Lie shall Save Us!’

Paradoxically, this has created a dilemma for the ones trying to crucify you, which is that if they kill you, or inflict further pains unto you, they will prove me and my teachings right, and your teachings wrong! And now I have reached the point where my local police, are 100% certain about that I am Satan re-incarnated, and not even the Secret Service dare to touch me. I have basically, you might say, given them a proposition they cannot say no to!

Therefor I ask of your friends at Sunshinepress, to take a backup of my blogs, and keep them in their archives, for then to use them as ‘extortion material’ to spring you Free!

You see, if they kill you, or take you, and bring you to America and convict you of any crimes, they will prove me right. This will completely demolish their little ‘surveillance apparatus’, and the World Wide Web will turn into the biggest piece of crap, throughout human history, and 7 billion people will turn into pathological liars! All Intelligence organizations on the planet, will be blindfolded, and Armageddon will unleash!

The entire financial system will break, since it is based upon trust, and since everyone with their own eyes have seen how the ‘Lie shall Save Us’, there will be no trust among people, and the entire World will plummet into Chaos, and the Dark Ages will become a daily experience! And it will be their own fault. Not as much as a single drop of blood will be on neither mine, nor your hands.

We have already drawn ‘first blod’ you might say, and proven our point. The days building up to the 27th of July, Eid, last year, we were able to deceive both the NSA, and the Norwegian Intelligence services, to terrorize their own population in Norway, by creating a double false-flag operation, which made them chase ‘ghosts’.

The rich will be eaten alive by the poor, and you’ll have to be ‘psychic’ in order to know who to trust and not. In addition, thousands of CIA and NSA analysts will change side, and turn on their employee, seeing with their own eyes, how deceitful their own employer is against the Truth and the Innocent. And I have been able to create a divide and conquer operation, that has already made most of them support me, through my own sacrifices. Basically, they will create a new ‘Jesus Story’, and that is the last thing on this planet they wish to do.

If they however let you go, then my Story will end with the following conclusion, which is; ‘The Truth will crucify you, but in the end, it will save you’. This is a ‘better end’ of my Story for both the MI6, CIA and the NSA, than all other alternatives. Hence, they are left with no real alternatives.

This paradoxically makes me the #1 National Security Threat on the planet, in combination with you! And my ‘little midgets’ over in Langley and Utah, will basically be left with no other choice than to let you go!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but believe me, I have been attracting their minds to my Social Life now for more than 3 years, with one simple purpose, and that is to SPRING YOU FREE MY FRIEND!

Why you may ask? Well, think of it like this, I am just a small boy, just like you are, and once I gave a promise to a Friend, which was; ‘Never leave a comrade behind’. And it is time for me to pay my dues!

Therefor, I say to you my Friend and Comrade, walk out! Just walk out! No need to ‘think’ or start ‘analyzing’. You do not know everything, and neither do I have the strength to explain everything to you. But if you can find the Courage necessary to walk out of the Embassy in London, you will not find anyone stopping you! Make sure you announce it ahead of time, at least 7 days, and there will be millions in the streets of London, doing their best to protect you!

You might see snipers on the rooftops, and armed police, but they will not dare to harm you! They will be there to protect you, because if you fall, Armageddon begins!

Peace and Love,

Your Brother from Another Mother :)”

And that is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, so Help me God!

Allahu Akbar

Since I do not expect you to believe my words, see for yourself! And realize, this was a Month after I had spoken on YouTube, as the Antichrist, saying; “I want to Kill President Barack Obama!”

“I came, I divided, and I conquered, Evil!”

Sorry, almost forgot; Allahu Akbar, Bomb, Terrorist, Jihad, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and son on …

Love ❤

Satan 🙂