schipperkeOf all the weird shit I have experienced in my life, there is one thing which I can never forgive, which is that they took away my dog from me! Cilia wasn’t particularly big, 7 kilos in fact! But she would never leave my side. Always willing to sacrifice herself for me, if necessary. And evil men, took her from me, probably arguing how it was in “her best interest”.

Every now and then I awaken from my dreams, where I can still see her. Running through the fields, having fun with me, chasing squirrels. She would always stand up for me, but in the end, I was forced into a position where I could not stand up for her.

When we used to enter dog parks in the USA, I would let her do her thing. It wouldn’t take her more than 5 minutes, before she “owned” the park, and all dogs would have yielded to her alpha instincts. When she had showed everyone their positions, she would come to me and lay by my side. Less than 2 minutes after she laid down by my side, every single dog in the park would lay no more than 5 meters away from me, while their owners looked at me with fear, thinking I was some sort of Magician. I used to call her “7 kilos of raging fur ball”.

The last 6 months we spent together, we would do everything as One. Once I smuggled her onto the Greyhound bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a carton box. When we were half way there, the Afro-American bus driver came to me, and politely told me; “Excuse me sir, but maybe you should give your little grey box some air while we’re here. We won’t leave for another 15 minutes, so your ‘box’ can probably go out and do ‘its thing'”. Cilia hadn’t made a sound during the entire drive, I still don’t know how he knew she was there. The rest of the bus drive, she would sit on the lap of a nice black girl, who took the bus together with her boyfriend, while she adored Cilia, and cutlet with Cilia, inside of her box.

Several times, as I was hiking, the people I hitchhiked with wouldn’t even notice I had a dog before I left their car. I used to hide her, in my little black bag. And since Cilia was black, she wouldn’t show. Her head would be the only thing that was outside of the bag. She even had her special place in my Harley …

For 6 months, she slept between my legs, inside my sleeping bag. And I never had to use a leash on her. Even in downtown LA, I would have more control over my dog, without a leash, than most other dog owners would have with a leash. In Santa Monica the police stopped me a couple of times, and told me to put a leash on her, but after they had stopped me a couple of times, they gave up. Even they realized how I had more control over my dog without a leash, than most others had with a leash.

I just woke up from a dream I had about her, where she was sad, and missed me. And believe it or not, but my eyes was wet. I know she is out there, and I know she is not having a good life, and that she misses me. She was entrusted to me, and I was put in a situation by evil men, where I could not look after her. For 8 years I had the pleasure of having her company, and for three years now, she has been stolen from me.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous to you, but I really miss my dog …