julian-secretThere are Christians on this planet, who think they can crucify another man, for their own sins! They believe in a lie! They believe another man can take the hit for their own blame! I am here to prove that these people are WRONG! They are delusional! They believe in something that has never existed, never was, and never will exist!

But by all means, I do not wish to pass Judgment on them! They play their part, as we all do! And their part, is to convert the entire World into Islam! Because, every time they crucify one of us, they bring hundreds, sometimes millions and even billions of new converts, into the One True Faith, since people can See the Truth with their own Eyes, every time they try to kill one of us. 2.000 years ago, they tried hard, they gave their best! And the results of their attempt, was the destruction and demolition of their Temple, which was never again rebuilt! And today, the Temple Grounds of their Faith, contains the source of their Hate!

al-aqsa-mosqueI challenge these people! Crucify our best! Drag us to court! Condemn us! Victimize us! Judge us! The faster you do, the more converts we get! Convict our man, and see for yourselves! 2.001 years ago, God’s chosen people were the Jews. Today, it for weird reasons seems to be You! But drag our Man to Court, and See for yourselves how Judea was destroyed! Crucify our Man! Give it your best!

Allahu Akbar!