I know you assholes are listening to me, every last fucking one of you. I have personally made sure of it. And as far as I am concerned, you still haven’t proven to me that you are humans, and have the right to live! However, if you can give me two promises, I will call off Armageddon.

Promise #1 is to promise that you’ll look at what I’ve told you, read it, and carefully evaluate it, for then to see what you can do. Promise #2 is to bring me back my fucking dog! She is mine! And you know, just as well as I do, that she is not having a great time! I don’t care about my Harley, I don’t care about me Snakeskin boots, in fact, you can shuffle them up into the holes, where the sun don’t shine! I couldn’t care fucking less! And I don’t care about my cheap sunglasses! But the dog’s mine, it’s really that simple, and unless she is brought to me, I will increase the volume, over and over again, until fucking Ragnarokk unleashes in your faces!