sword-sayingMy last article, might seem controversial, while the one before that, illustrates the point. Which is that, unless you’re home protecting your Girlfriend and Wife, then somebody else will! And the point with them, was to illustrate how Violence is a solution without a problem! Too many men before us, have walked this Earth, thinking they had the right to Judge their brothers. And as they did, they pruned themselves out of the Tree of Life.

“Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword!”

The reason why Prophet Muhammed could marry many Women, was because so many men had chosen to kill themselves in Jihad! Though, obviously, I do not literally think we should organize a contest, where the objective is to allow all violent men to slash each other to death! Quite the contrary, this is where we actually ARE TODAY! This “contest” is the current state of the World!

To illustrate how useless violence is, realize that I once spent 84 days in an American Immigration prison. This prison was for the most parts filled with violent gangbangers. Men who had already committed murders, many murders. And not once did I have to resort to violence to protect myself! Even though I did never use violence myself, I never once was victimized! Once, 12 men tried to “jump me”. However, since I at that time was eager to pay my debt to Allah, I didn’t even hesitate! I stood up, and with a firm and loud voice, spoke loudly into the crowd, that they should hurry up and beat me, such that I could go back to sleep again, or leave me be, for never again to mess with me again! True Story!

It was after this they started calling me “Diablo Blanco”, which means the White Devil! After this incident, some of the gangbangers even started paying tribute to me, giving me from their own food, helping me when in trouble, standing up for me! Because they saw in me, the courage they lacked for themselves …

Man doesn’t use violence because he is “tough”, he uses violence because he is a coward! There is nothing that’s “cool” about bashing your Brother to Death!

Jesus was ostracized by an entire Empire! Including all his countrymen! Still, he did not even once pick up a Sword! And when Peter tried to defend him with his Sword, Jesus stopped him, and told Peter; “Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword!”

If Jesus could survive that, what makes you think you cannot survive a petty backyard quarrel …?

This is a Divine Law, almost Impossible to Believe in, before you have Experienced it Yourself! You see, in the End, No Man can carry the sins of another man! But don’t believe me, check up my evidence!

However, if you are a Man, and you choose to Live by the Sword, then realize that, as you come home, after your “Jihad”, then your girlfriend, or your wife, may no longer be yours! She never was in fact! And as you so eagerly chose to bash your brother to death, in another country, she might choose to find herself a real man!

Allahu Akbar!