buley-library-vietnam-war-1961-1343168128_bYou don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the short answer to that question, which is obviously; NOOOOO!

However, a slightly longer answer, requires you to join me on a time travel, back in time, to the Deserts of Saudi-Arabia, 1.400 years ago! In this era, wars were being fought very much differently than how they are being fought today! When two clans had a quarrel, that escalated to the point where they had to settle their dispute using war, they would rally their most vicious, violent, and evil psychopaths, and let them voluntarily go into the desert, where they would meet the most vicious, violent, and evil psychopaths from the neighboring clan. With promises of something that didn’t exist!

Most of the men who joined in on this “Jihad”, would perish, and be no more. When the war was over, the survivors back home, would then be rid of their most evil, violent and vicious psychopaths. The ones not capable of living together with their peers, without bashing them to death, believing they had the right to judge their fellow brothers, would simply be allow to exercise their Free Will, and Die, out in the Deserts, far away from all the innocent Women and Children!

This way, the most evil men would have no children, and evil would slowly over the course of time, destroy itself, through allowing men exercise their Free Will!

However, today, most victims of wars are Children, Women and Innocents. This is because the wars of today are fought in a completely different way than the wars of 1.400 years ago. This is why we need to stop fighting each other, stop believing we have the right to judge our brothers, and start seeing our brothers as …

Did I just now depict the face of Prophet Muhammed, PBUH?

bloodtearsYou probably do not believe me, but I have actually two depictions of Prophet Muhammed on this blog, which is one of the single largest sins a Muslim can commit! And I am a Muslim! These two pictures are however so cleverly created, that they are impossible to see for a blind Man, or Woman! Only by reading all of my blog posts, and realizing the Truth yourself, you can be able to see these two pictures. And as you do, I don’t think you’ll feel the need to Judge me for depicting the Prophet, PBUH!

Allahu Akbar

The Dajjal