dajjalIn my 42 blogs, I have shown you the face of Prophet Muhammed, PBUH! The funny thing is, that if you look for evidence, such that you can convict me of a sin, then you will never be able to find it! If you read through all of my blogs, and try to understand me however, then you will see it clearly! His face is not even hidden! It can be seen in plain sight! And it is the most accurate description of his face ever shown in public in fact!

Once you See the Prophet’s face, then you will have proof of my Miracle as the Dajjal, and all doubts in regards to my identity, will forever vanish, as the Morning Dew to the Sun! The paradox, is that as you See the Prophet’s face, you will also never be able to condemn me for showing it!

To See the Prophet’s face, you must however, very carefully read through, all my 42 blogs, starting from One Lie to Rule them All! When you have discovered his face, then the Shaitan will never again possess any powers over you, and you will see through my Web of Lies, and realize which are my Truths, and which is my Lie!

But you can never tell anyone

This is my Miracle as the Dajjal, and my Gift to You my Friend!

If you wish, I would appreciate if you send me an email, with the answer to my riddle, at thomas@magixilluminate.com. Maybe even record an unlisted YouTube video, where you explain your findings. But whatever you do, you can never tell anyone, for obvious reasons. Besides, if you do, you will only be misunderstood! And this is what Prophet Muhammed, PBUH, meant, when he said; “If the Whole of Allah is to enter this Universe, then the Universe will Cease to Exist!”

Open Your Eyes

Open your Eyes my Son!
A New Universe has begun!
And the Sufferings of this One shall Soon be Done!
Open your Eyes!
Open your Eyes!
And let the Earth be my Witness, as I utter these words; “Father, forgive them, cause they know not what they have Done!”

How did I know? You may ask me! I Swear upon my Mother’s Grave, Isa told me! Isa told me! Isa told me, when I was in Hell!

Go with Peace!

Allahu Akbar!

The Dajjal ❤ 🙂