dajjalThis might be difficult to believe, but I am the Dajjal, the One-Eyed Snake, the Antichrist, Satan in the Flesh, the Physical Incarnation of the Shaitan! On this I swear, on my immortal soul, in the name of Allah, and my Mother’s and Father’s Grave! I AM THE DAJJAL!

If you do not believe me, then realize that I am the greatest liar throughout history of mankind! And I Refuse to Repent my Lie! I am the greatest sinner that ever lived! I am the greatest Snitch that ever Lived! I once tried to smash the Kaaba in Mecca with a sledgehammer! I once tried to start nuclear Holocaust and Meltdown of all Biological Life on the Planet! I even tried to sell the nation of Tibet to China! I even have court papers to prove it, but see for yourself in the video below, where you can see the Number of the Beast!

And I yearn for death! Because, my pains are so great, they burn me alive! And I know, as I die, Judgment Day will begin, and all the Lambs will enter Paradise!

Once I went to the End of the Earth, where I encountered Atlas, the Greatest of Allah’s Angels. Fearing my Powers, realizing not even he was without sin, he even promised me Eternal Life! But I am not sure if even Atlas can Stop Time, and make me Live Forever! He was not the only Angel without sin for that matter. Therefor I fear for You All! Because, as I die, Surely Judgment Day Shall Come! The Black Rock Surely Shall start Talking, and you shall All be Doomed!

jesus_arm-wrestling_with_satanHowever, my pains are so great! I have Heaven and Hell inside of me! And it burns! Therefor I yearn for Death! However, even though there’s nothing in this life I yearn more for, than to pay my debt, meet my creator, and crawl back into the Jahannam I once crawled out from, I fear for you, and what will become of you, once I die!

You see, I have met many men on this planet, but so far I have not met one man without sin! And if Allah is to judge all sinners to Jahannam, then you will all be mine! And that is not my Wish!

So realize this, as you encounter your brothers and sisters, that I am a shapeshifter! I can take on many forms! Sometimes, I look like a scared child, at other times I look like an old woman! I can change the color of my skin! I can change the length of my hair! Sometimes you will see me with beards and a mustache, at other times I will be clean cut in my face! And I yearn for Death!

Have that it mind as you pass Judgment on your Brother, and slain him! It might be me you slain! And if you do, then surely I tell to you, that Judgment Day will come!

So if you pass Judgment on your Brother, you might end up passing Judgment on Yourselves! And that was my greatest Trick, making you Judge Yourselves …

When you See Me, it is Already Too Late!

Allahu Akbar!