Come into my Arms and be Safe Little Angel ...According the most Christians, Lucifer is Satan. Lucifer is the Latin name of the planet Venus, also called the “Morning Star”. If you read the New Testament, in its original language, you will see Jesus having the title “Phosphorus”. Phosphorus, is a Greek word, and it means the “Lightbringer”, which also is the direct meaning of the name “Lucifer”. Hence, according to the Bible, Jesus is in fact “Lucifer”. In addition, when Jesus comes back, according to John’s Revelation, he shall come back as the Morning Star, which as already shown is Lucifer in Latin.

Fact is, regardless of how you look at it, there is absolutely no logical arguing against the fact that Jesus, the Biblical and Christian version at least, is Lucifer, and hence Satan, according to most Christians. It is simply the consequences of reading your book, the way your pastors and priests teach you how to read it; literally …

Fact is, the Bible is the by far most misunderstood piece of crap ever devised, and trying to make sense out of it, is like interpreting an Enigma code from WWII, with rocks as your only tools. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of beautiful verses and wisdom to be found in the Bible. But in general, it does more harm than good.

However, the single largest argument against the Bible, is the phony belief in that Jesus died for your sins. That is blasphemy defined, and something I have literally proven to be wrong myself. The reason why it is blasphemy, is because it enables evil people to continue being evil, believing they can just “ask Jesus for Forgiveness”, and such find forgiveness from God!

Please notice though, that this doesn’t mean I think all Christians are evil. I know many Christians whom I consider to be really beautiful people. But when shit hits the fan, Christianity is at large, a simple hoax. Trickery on the minds of men, to enslave them, by hiding the Truth from their Hearts.

Jesus never died on the cross, and neither was he born of a virgin. He was however a Prophet from God, who had his words falsified, by evil and corrupt people coming after him, to scare puppies away from the Truth, such that they could be enslaved by those with “Gnosism” and knowledge of the Occult (hidden knowledge)

Do me a favor. Go and find “your Bible”, and see what it says. My guess is that it probably says “King James Bible” on the front somewhere. Then please explain to me how this is “your Bible”, when it clearly says in fact that it is King James’ Bible.

I therefor suggest you do as Jesus told you to, which is to give to the Emperor, what belongs to the Emperor!