kaaba1In Islam, the sin of “Shirk”, is one of the greatest sins a man can have. Shirk means “idolatry”, and basically translates to a man, who creates images of God, or other “objects of worship” for himself. According to the strict interpretation of Sharia, people who commit idolatry, may face the death penalty by decapitation!

The problem with this view, is that it means that every single Muslim in the World must be decapitated. The reason is simple, Salat, the Muslim Prayer that is, is in fact idolatry and Shirk by itself. The reason is, because when a Muslim prays, he targets his prayers towards a “sacred stone” in Mecca, instead of targeting them towards Allah. Hence, all Muslims on this planet, happens to have “multiple Gods”, or commits the sin of Shirk! 5 times every day in fact!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Salat, and its words. I also agree 100% with the Words of the Salat. However, I didn’t need to repeat some phony affirmation, bending over to a semi-god, 5 times every day, for my entire life, to realize that Allah is the only judge on judgment day! I was able to figure out those parts, all by myself!

When that is said, I am glad that I didn’t succeed in destroying the black stone with a sledgehammer, as I once tried to do. Because, Mecca serves another purpose, which is that it is also the source of the Islamic “Hajj”. Hajj is the Islamic pilgrimage, and the reasons why all Muslims (should) go to Mecca at least once during their life.

You see, the Prophet, PBUH, was smarter than most people, and he realized that during this pilgrimage, people would meet people from other parts of the World. This would increase Love and Understanding for different cultures, and hence reduce violence. This is the True Meaning of “Islam”, which translates to “Peace”.

However, realize this though, which is that every single time you bend down towards Mecca, performing the Salat, you are in fact exercising Shirk yourself. Have that in mind as you march into the streets, demanding decapitation of journalists in France for blasphemy! Besides, if you need to repeat 5 times every day, that you’re not Allah, and hence should not judge your fellow brother, maybe you should seek up a shrink instead!

Sorry, I am just another Messenger …