invitation“To Heal is to bring together, that which was once divided!”

Palestine and Israel is the place on Earth which has become the very symbol of animosity between men. To understand why, one only needs to read the Story of Abraham’s two sons, and realize how they gave rise to two very different and distinct people. One entering the World as God’s chosen people, symbolizing the Jews of course. The other, Ishmael, expelled by Abraham into the desert, with his Mother, given a promise by God that he shall multiply as the Stars, becoming the ancestor of the Arabs, giving rise to Islam and Prophet Muhammed, PBUH.

The solution to all problems lays at the foundation of the problems themselves. The conflict in the Holy Land is no exception. Hence, one solution to the problem, would be to announce Israel as a Caliphate, Anointing a King, of Arab descent, with a Jewish wife. Now of course, in today’s “modern society” no sane man, or woman, would accept returning to the old ways of Monarchy, hence the King would have to have only symbolic powers, like for instance the King of Norway today posses.

This would become a symbol of Hope for both Palestinians and Jews, since it would unite them both as one, turning that which was once divided, back into One!

To understand why, one only has to realize that to an Israelite, the offspring between this King and Queen would be considered a Jew, simply since his Mother was a Jew, while to a Muslim, their offspring would be considered a Muslim, since his Father was a Muslim. These are not my words, these are the words of your Prophets …

Now of course, many other changes would be necessary, many of political characters, but the symbolism created by Anointing a Muslim and Arab King of the state of Israel as its head of State, married to a Jewish Woman, would definitely make both sides willing to stretch far to compromise in the remaining questions.

This would have the additional effect, of cleansing the Israelites from 2.000 years of blame, since they’ve taken the heat for the death of Jesus for 2.000 years now, since no Muslim believed that Jesus died on the cross, which I have created a strong argument for in my writings myself here. Meaning, if the Israelites could accept a Muslim as their symbolic King, then this would provide redemption for their own sins, allowing them to clean themselves from 2.000 years of hate from Christianity, as being responsible for the death of Jesus. In addition, it would allow Muslims to perceive themselves as being part of God’s chosen people, realizing the King of the Holy Land is in fact a Muslim.

Then comes the question; Which Muslim would accept marrying a Jewish Princess, to make her a Queen? And which Jewish Princess would accept marrying a Muslim Prince, to make him a King? While mutually allowing each other to still practice their own Faith, without needing to change each other, or the other person’s religious views into their own?