Backstabber-artwork4684Meirak was a my best Friend and a devout Muslim, he used to live in the land of the Great Wonders, beneath the Sea in the Middle of Eurabia. I would do everything for Meirak. Once I even paid his father’s Heart Surgery. For 13 months Meirak used to work with me, and even though I could not afford to have him on my staff, since he made no money for me, I still kept him around, and gave him tasks to do, and paid his salary, because I wanted to honor our Friendship.

When I moved to New Jerusalem, I was busy with keeping my promise to Meirak, so I didn’t have much time to work with our largest customer myself, so Meirak would more or less completely take over the responsibilities of my largest customer. During these times, Meirak started making money to my company, lots of money. After a while, he became disgruntled, realizing how much money he was making to my company, compared to what he was earning himself. It was during these times that Meirak “forgot” that I had saved his father’s life, by paying for Heart Surgery from my own pockets, and that Meirak had worked for me for 13 months, being nothing but an expense for me. In addition, Meirak “forgot” how I had taught him almost everything he knew.

Like all people with greed in their eyes, and fears in their Hearts, Meirak would fall down on the shortest side of the fence. When Meirak was ripe, my biggest customer, and competitor started conspiring together with each other, and both sent Meirak an offer for a new job, realizing Meirak was more than willing to change horse. And Meirak did indeed change horse, leaving me in the dark, without any incomes for myself. Approximately 6 months later, I was left broken, with nothing in this world, chased by demons, having to beg for money on the streets of the City of Angels.

You see my Friend, not all those who claims to be “just believers” are in fact believers. In fact, there are indeed infidels among even those who pray 5 times each day, and do all the commandments from the Prophet, PBUH! Because surely I tell you, the Path to Allah goes through the Heart, and not through commandments or laws. And often nothing is as it seems, and the most “just” people are often the least holy among us! The Path to Allah goes through Courage, Love and Understanding, and him who does not see the Truths of my teachings in regards to these things, shall never indeed see Jannah!

This is the Truth, the Half Truth and Nothing but the Truth, except One Lie, so Help me God! And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah strike me dead to the ground, and drive me into Jahannam for an Eternity! Amen!

Allahu Akbar