julian-secretFor three and a half years now, the NSA, CIA, and the Secret Service have been censoring my emails, in addition to my YouTube channel(s), and practically all correspondence I’ve initiated online. In addition, the Intelligence Services of Norway, in collaboration with the Head of NATO, with help from the traditional News Media, have been smearing my name, telling lies about me, and how I am an insane “bomb-terrorist”. All in an attempt at trying to stop me from getting the Truth out there!

During this time, most people around me have believed that I was a complete fruitcake, a bomb terrorist, a wacko and madman. Today I present evidence of how the conspiracy around my person is the Truth.


Click the image above, and see for yourself how they are preventing me from sending an email to wl-analysts@sunshinepress.org among others. Then check out the image below, and see how many of my emails they actually have censored.


This has been going on now for more than three years, ever since I was arrested by the Secret Service on Santa Monica Blvd. the 14th of March 2012, over fabricated evidence and lies.

Please help me get this message to WikiLeaks, by either clicking this link, and share on facebook, and have as many as you can click the link, such that we can reach the WWW-log files of the WikiLeaks servers, or by sending the email yourself directly to them. I have included the entire MIME message below for your reference.

MIME-Version: 1.0
Sender: isa.lightbringer@gmail.com
Received: by with HTTP; Wed, 8 Apr 2015 14:14:08 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 23:14:08 +0200
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Message-ID: <CAGSCf2tBdwNrTPFhQ03o7wdeSM6EvFxC_wkgdO8Eir4y=Krk6A@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: I have new Evidence in regards to the Bradley Manning case!
From: Thomas Hansen <thomas@magixilluminate.com>
To: wl-office@sunshinepress.org, wl-lawyers@sunshinepress.org, 
	wl-press@sunshinepress.org, wl-analysts@sunshinepress.org, 
	wl-writers@sunshinepress.org, wl-usa@sunshinepress.org, 
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=001a1143d7b203589f05133d036a

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

Basically; Bradley Manning's testimonial cannot be taken as a "credible
source of information" in regards to the guilt question, since he is
obviously suffering from the "Thomas Quick Syndrom"!

This is new evidence, and hence the American High Court purely logically
has to reopen the case, and free him from all charges!

Read the details here;

The article is written with a "slightly artistic methodology", which is the
only way I have to get this information "out" there, since both the CIA and
the NSA are currently heavily surveillancing me, but I think you can see
through the art, if you give it a try :)

Start summoning shrinks and Psychiatrists, we're "springing" Miss Manning
out of Jail before next summer :D

Read more about my story here;
Or here;
Or here;

Or basically, any other Norwegian News Media website ...

I've spent 3 months in jail at Adelanto Detention Center-East, in addition
to 6 months at Ringerike Prison in Norway (maximum security)

Basically, once you scrape away the "bullshit", for the same reasons as why
Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have experienced their Witch hunt ...

Feel free to call me, or send me emails, though realize that I am almost
100% certain about that my email is being surveillanced. You can read more
about my side of the story here;

Here; http://magixilluminate.com/2015/04/06/my-life-as-the-antichrist/

(mentions WikiLeaks ...)



Or here; http://magixilluminate.com/blogs

Happy Easter, and Loving Kindness,

"The Bunny" ;)