Odin_der_GöttervaterThousands of years ago, in the far North, just beneath the Star that never moves, Angels used to live. These Angels used to rage wars against the Demons from Jotunheimen. Among one of these Angels, was Odin. Odin had been given powerful Magic when he was born. Among other things, he could freeze the blood of men during combat with fear, and he could make it melt again, when their anger had vanished. Using these skills, Odin was able to make sure that both his friends, and his foes, didn’t need to fight.

During one of their quarrels with their neighboring clans, the chieftain from the other clan wanted to harm Odin, and steal his throne, so he challenged Odin. Odin had to take the challenge by law, to ensure his throne, so Odin accepted.

Before they started to fight, one of the loyal subjects of the other chieftain had used his knife to rip out Odin’s left eye, to make sure Odin would loose. This was an act of betrayal, and foul play, but Odin didn’t care, he still chose to enter the ring, to fight the other chieftain.

The other chieftain would exploit Odin’s blind-side, and try to stay as much on the blind-side he could. But Odin was smart and cunning, he knew that a weakness can easily be turned into a strength. Rolling with the blows from the other chieftain, Odin would wait until the other chieftain was just about to put in his death blow. Exactly in that moment, Odin used his magical powers to throw a spell on the other chieftain, freezing time, such that the other chieftain believed that Odin was in another place than what he actually was. Then Odin came unto the other chieftain from behind, wrestled away his weapons, and pulled him to the ground, where he now had become the master over the other chieftains life and death.

Everyone awed by this display of both courage and power, and expected Odin to kill the man. The Crowd went wild! But Odin was wiser than most men, just when he was about to set in the death blow, he intentionally missed by one inch! This froze the other chieftain’s blood to ice, and as he helped the other chieftain to get up on his feet after conquering him, instead of killing him, everyone realized how Odin had won the battle, without drawing as much as one single drop of blood!

Everyone awed to Odin’s Compassion, and fell to the ground, submitting their swords into the hands of Odin. Also Odin’s enemies did this, realizing how Odin could have killed the other chieftain, but choosing in his wisdom to not do so. And this was how Odin was able to gather Aasgard into one Kingdom, under his rule, and become the King of Aasgard!

You see my little Friend, hate makes blind, and he who thinks he owns the Truth for himself, shall fall unto his own lies. And as Odin told the other chieftain, and the man who had taken Odin’s left eye, that he indeed did forgive them, Odin was given something that was of much higher value than his left eye!

This is because; “An eye for an eye, makes us all blind! And in the land of the blind, a one-eyed man shall certainly rule!”

By resisting the temptation to “revenge” and “justice”, Odin had been given the entire World, and conquered all hate! This is the true magic of the One-Eyed Man! Because, he is truly the only one with enough compassion to forgive his enemies, and therefor even his foes respect this man, and submits to his wisdom.

Leadership is not something you “take” my little Friend, it is something you’re given! And the ones who gives you your crown, are your enemies in fact, and not your Friends!

Allahu Akbar