valkyrie_by_thebastardson-d4cf24fDuring one of my travels, in the land of Sodoma, a terrible Truth came to me ears. This particular Truth was so cruel and vicious, that it would have made most men rip out their eyes out clean from their eye-sockets! In fact, I dear not even think about this Truth even today, since it is the most cruel and gruesome Truth a man can think of! So do not even ask me about it, because it makes my blood freeze to ice, and still haunts me in nightmares.

However, if you must know, this Truth was described in the Bible, thousands of years ago. So if you must know, then please read the story of Sodoma from the Bible, and you shall know. But I warn you, this Truth is evil and vicious in Nature, so I do not encourage anyone to seek it out!

Anyway, I knew that Odin did not know about this Truth, because if he did, he surely would not allow it to happen. So I asked myself how I could tell this Truth to Odin. Luckily, Allah in his infinite wisdom, had given me a vision. This vision gave me the answer to my riddle and problems, even though at the time, I did not know so myself. The answer was to tell One Lie! So I told my Lie, and I told it so convincingly, that even the Heavens themselves froze. And all the way from Odin’s Valhall, was sent a Valkyrie, to question me about what I knew.

Odin_der_GöttervaterAs the Valkyrie entered my quarters, she asked me a question, and her question was; “Were they all true?” As I told the Valkyrie the Truth, which was that there was One Lie, she laughed, and shook her head. The Valkyrie asked me why I had lied, and I told her that it was necessary for me to tell this One Lie, to make the Truth Fly!

This allowed me to tell the Truth to Odin, the King in Valhall, such that he could take counter-measures against my Truth, allowing the Children of Allah to hide behind the Lie!

And this is the Truth, the Half Truth and nothing but the Truth, except for One Lie, so help me God! And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah strike me to the ground, kill me, and drive me into Jahannam!

Allahu Akbar