google-911During the Intifada, a handful of years ago, a friend of mine, who I had been working together with for several years, told me using the Intraweb, that he was so angry with the Zionists in Israel, and their evil acts, that he was “considering taking drastic steps”. He left little doubt in regards to his plans, and even told me how the “resistance” had dug out tunnels beneath the borders of the land of the Great Wonders and Judea, and how he could easily pass between these borders with a “backpack”, and such enter Judea to execute his “drastic plan”. I empathized with my poor friend, Meirak was his name, and I told him how Imam Isa had shown us that violence was never the solution, and that all problems could be solved with different means.

We spoke all night, and Meirak showed me many things, among other things he showed me; “If Americans Knew” on YouTube, which was many videos, that showed how Zionists in Israel are taking advantage of poor Palestinians. I watched, and I watched, and I promised my Friend, that I would do everything within the powers of my hands, to help America See the sadness of his People.

I asked Meirak questions about his Future, what he wanted to accomplish in this World. Meirak told me he had always wanted to work with the Energy Crisis he knew the Earth was suffering from. I asked him many more questions, about his family, his brother, and most of all, his Mother. Slowly, Meirak was painted a future with hope! Slowly, the anger in Meirak’s heart melted, and turned into Hope!

You see, when man has no Hope, he has no Future, when man has no Future, he is willing to do awful things. Not because he is “bad” or “evil”, simply because of the consequences of those walking the Path before him …

This shows how understanding is the Greatest of Allah’s Virtues, and how a single man, can use the Intraweb, to create lasting change, and touch people, such that they Change!

Because in the end, what we have done, and what we have been planning to do, is completely irrelevant. The only important question is this; “What can we do in the Future?”

Now if you believe as I do, then I’d like you to bring Meirak’s prayer with you into the World, such that maybe we can Open America’s Eyes together, stand united as One, and change the World, and give her Hope!

This is the Truth, the Half Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, except One Lie, so Help me God! And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah strike me to the ground, kill me, and banish me for an eternity in Jahannam!

Amen and Allahu Akbar