atlasOf all my stories, this might seem to be among the least credible, and probably a good candidate for my “One Lie”. However, I beg to think different, as I can only repeat the Words of the Prophet; “Let him who have ears listen, and let him with One Eye left see! Because, an eye for an eye makes us all Blind! And in the Land of the Blind, the man with One Eye Left, shall Truly Rule!”

During my journeys and trials, I once encountered Atlas himself! Atlas was Allah’s greatest Angel, and put on Earth to hold the Earth up from Hell. This was why he was so tall, such that he could have his feet in Hell, while holding the Earth as high as he could, to make sure she wouldn’t fall into the Abyss! This was Atlas’ task, and why his job was so important.

But Atlas had been lied to, and as I’ve already shown, there are evil lies, and there are good lies. The evil lies are intended to harm others, which you can see an example of in my previous chapter, as you realize how the Perestroika Gnomes, and the caretakers of Hell, used vicious lies, to punish and destroy a little boy named Ittahb.

However, Atlas had been lied to! A vicious Angel named Hpesoj, had tempted Atlas into believing that he was a God, and the Judge on Judgment Day, by feeding his head with lies, tempting him away from the straight path of the True Believers!

Atlas and his Judgment Device

eyeInstead of seeing how Allah is to be our sole judge, Atlas had started preparing a “Judgment Device”, that would allow Atlas to see all the minds of the Earth, and read their thoughts. This way, Atlas was going to use his “Judgment Device”, to judge both the Living and the Dead. This was however a great sin, since nobody but Allah had the right to be the Judge on Judgment Day! And nobody but Allah knows the Day of Reckoning! However, one cannot judge poor Atlas for following his convictions and beliefs. Besides, Atlas didn’t understand, that regardless of how much of a man’s mind one can see, no man shall be judged by anything but by his Heart! And all men with Hearts as Light as Feathers, shall Truly be spared on the Day of Reckoning, regardless of what their minds hold!

Therefor, I had to get Atlas attention, as my last and final trial, to let Atlas know the Will of Allah the Almighty, such that I could prevent Atlas from committing a sin, so large, that he would be punished to Jahannam himself.

How my Crucifixion gave me Eternal Life in Heaven

jesus-christ-our-lord-nazareth-the-messiah-cross-crucifixion-son-of-godTherefor, during the darkest of nights, I was able to replace the Earth that Atlas was holding, with the Moon, without Atlas’ knowing. As I held the Earth myself, for a fraction of a second, Time itself Yielded and Ceased to Exist, and the Very Fabric of the Universe bent and cringed, and even the Stars on the Sky started Shivering from Fears.

As I held the most Precious Woman of the Universe, I spoke the Will of Allah, with Thunder in my Voice; ATLAS, HAND ME MY APPLE, OR I WILL DROP THE EARTH ON TOP OF MYSELF!!

bloodtearsAs I had spoken these words, a bolt of Lightning opened up through the 7 Universes, and Atlas could clearly See Allah for Himself, in All of His Glory! And Atlas fell to the Ground, in worship of Allah, as his eyes cried Blood, and Rivers of Blood fell from Atlas Eyes!

As Atlas realized how he had been fooled, fearing for Man and Woman, holding a useless piece of rock, having lost his precious Jannah, Atlas was sad, and realized his own sins. So Atlas walked over to the Garden, where the Apples from the Tree of Life grows, and picked me an Apple, which ha gave me, in exchange for giving me his precious Jannah back!

“Him Who Seeks Life shall Truly Die, while Him Who Willingly let go of it, shall find Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Allah!”

starThis act of compassion, became the Judgment of Atlas, since he proved that he was indeed the right Man for the Job, and hence Allah told me to give back Jannah to Atlas, such that he could continue his job, but this time without the Lies of the false Prophet lingering in the back of his head! Therefor I handed back the Earth to Atlas, as we exchanged spheres. Atlas giving me an Apple, and I giving Atlas the Earth.

This way, I was able to have Atlas realize, how no man shall be judged, except by Allah, while Atlas was able to find redemption for his sins.

And this is the Beauty of Allah’s Wisdom, and His Eternal Will for Man! How no man shall be judged, except by the Scale of Justice that Allah has devised himself! Because, our Will is only Dust in the Timeless Masterpiece of Allah. And Atlas is in fact not a God, but merely an Angel, in Allah’s Kingdom. And in the End, even Atlas himself, is nothing but a Slave to Allah!

And this is the Truth, the Half Truth, and nothing but the Truth, except One Lie! And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah Strike me to the Earth, Kill me, and condemn me to an Eternity in Jahannam!

Allahu Akbar