mermangelDuring one of my travels, I met a Shaman, Knarf was his name. Knarf told me a story, about a Green River, on the other side of the Earth, where there lived Magical Dolphins!

Knarf was once visited by a local Lady, and as they talked, the Lady realized she had forgotten time, and the Sun had set, during their talks! The Lady became terrified, because this particular Moon, was a Full Moon, and she shivered, as she realized she had to go out during a Full Moon!

Knarf, the Hero Shaman of this story asked the Lady why she was afraid, and the Lady told Knarf about the Magical River Dolphins that had haunted her people for thousands of years!

You see, the Dolphins were actually men, who had been transformed to Dolphins a long time ago, judged by Allah to forever swim the waters of the River, because of playing with Black Magic. But every Full Moon, Allah would look upon them with Grace and Compassion, and transform them back into Men, to allow them to change their ways.

During these Full Moons, the Dolphins would walk the Earth as Men, and use their Magical Powers to hypnotize Women to lay with them, such that the Women became pregnant with the Dolphins.

And the offspring of their Full Moon night, would slowly, as time passed, become the River People. On the shores of this Green River, everyone today is actually either directly, or indirectly a descendant from one of these Dolphins today, and this is why every time a Woman becomes pregnant with a Dolphin, no man can judge neither the Woman nor her Child, since the Woman was herself a victim of a crime, and how could they judge the Child? The Child had done nothing wrong! And all the other villagers in this village, had once been a Dolphin themselves. So therefor the Woman was shivering from fear, not wanting to leave Knarf’s house that night, because she didn’t want to risk being Hypnotized by a Dolphin, and become pregnant with its Child!

Now of course, Knarf was more than willing to let the Woman stay with him, until the Sun was reborn again in the morning, to protect her Honor from the Magical Powers of the Rive Dolphins! And all through the Night, Knarf would stand guard, making sure no Magical Dolphins would be able to hypnotize the Woman!

And that makes Knarf a real man! Because a real man, is always willing to sacrifice himself for a Woman’s Honor!

And this is the Truth, the Half Truth, and nothing but the Truth, except for one Lie. And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah take my life, and condemn me to Jahannam for an Eternity!

Allahu Akbar