?????????????????????When Allah first created our Heavenly bodies, the Sun was sad, because it had no one to shine for. So Allah in his great Compassion, took one of the ribs from Jannah, and created the Moon. Then he let the Sun shine during the day, to keep predators away, while he let the Moon shine during the night, such that man would see the Truth, even in the dark.

But the Moon was moody, because she would only shine full, one day each month. The Sun didn’t understand why this was, and tried to make the Moon shine for full, all days of the month, until Allah had to come to the Sun, and explain things for him.

You see, when the Moon shines full, there are fewer stars on the Sky, and since the Moon loves her children so much, she would sometimes choose to hide behind a veil, such that her Children could multiply and shine instead of her. This way the Moon puts her Children before the importance of admiring her directly! This would allow the Moon to be admired indirectly, through her Stars, making her Stars more visible on the Night Sky!

Slowly the Sun started understanding why this was, and how the veil the Moon hid behind was for her protection, so the Sun made a deal with the Moon, and this deal was that during the day, the Sun would shine so strong, that it would completely hide both the Moon and her Children. This way, the Sun would keep the Children of the Moon safe during the day, when they fell down to the Earth, and was visible for others to see.

This way, both the Moon and the Stars were hidden from danger, and could play beneath the protective veils of invisibility. This was how the Moon would make her Children visible during the Night, when they were safe from harm, because of their height above the Earth, and the Sun make them invisible during the Day, when they fell to the ground, and became visible to predators! Because, there are some people out there, who will harm the Stars if they can.

But since the Moon lifts the stars up on the sky during the night, where they are unreachable for man, and the Sun shines so strongly that no Stars are visible during the day, the Stars are safe from harm, and can play under the protective veil of their Heavenly Mother and Father. And this is the Holy Union between the Moon and the Sun, and how the Moon came to Love the Sun, and appreciate what he did, even though she couldn’t understand how the Sun did what it did, and the Sun didn’t understand how the Moon did what she did.

This is why some Women choose to wear a Hijab today, and why we should respect those who do. Because, not all Moons are full, some are New Moons, some are Full Moons, and they are both equally beautiful, because the Moon is there, even when you cannot see it!

This is why you must show all Women respect, both the ones who choose to wear a Hijab, and those who choose to not wear the Hijab, because these are the ways of Allah, and even though you don’t understand things, doesn’t mean others do not understand.

This is the Truth, the Half Truth and nothing but the Truth, except One Lie, so help me God!

And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah strike me to the ground, kill me, and drive me into Jahannam!

Allahu Akbar