Al-BorakApproximately 5 years ago, I was allowed to meet Gabriel! Gabriel made it such that I could visit the Holy Land, the City of Angels, on a White Flying Horse! In New Jerusalem, I saw many things. Many Wonders of this World! I saw a pyramid, at least twice the height of the wonders of the old World! I saw many strange animals and people! I saw a Snake with Diamonds on its back! I saw a man wearing a cross on the beach, using paper money as toilet paper! He would wander across the streets of the City of Angels, asking others for small change and money, claiming he was the Shaitan, and that he was repenting!

I saw a man on wheels! Soaring through the streets while playing his Angelic Harp! With a long turban on his head! I would meet Ghostman, a troubled soul, who was so afraid of water, that his skin had turned completely black!

camels3wisemenFor three years I wandered the Holy Land, not wanting the White Horse to take me back again. There was so many strange things to see, and I wanted to make sure I had seen them all, before I left back home! I slept where I could, sometimes beneath the palm trees to find shade! However, in the end, destiny brought me back home again, and I too had to leave for my home, to tell the Story of the things I had seen. This way, I could tell you the Stories from my travels, such that we all could see the Miracle of Allah!

When I left the Holy Land and New Jerusalem, I had three wise men follow me, three days after the Great Star had shadowed for the Sun. This was in the year of 2012 AD, just after the Moon had swallowed the Sun, and hence had to Cry Blood in Sadness for his Crimes!

And if I have told more than One Lie, may Allah strike me dead to the ground, for never again to allow me to feel the Grace of his Compassion!

Allahu Akbar